Janis Clarke

Janis Clarke uses music to set hearts on fire with Holy Spirit.


Let me know where you are from, which songs you like the best, what part of my message touches you the most and why, and how you discovered this site! Your feedback is really important to help me discern how to develop my song repertoire and website. And I love meeting new brothers and sisters, each so unique, unrepeatable and specially chosen and gifted by God for these times in which we live. Let your light shine!

Janis Clarke
20501 Goshen Road
Gaithersburg, Maryland, 20879
Phone: 301-825-5401


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Our Lady of Littleness

Mar 8, 2017

Our Lady of LittlenessĀ loves being with children, appearing to children, and helping us become like children. It’s so hard for us to become like children in this aging world, because we are wired to fear littleness. But littleness is the pathway to the Kingdom — empowering us to love one another here on earth and […]

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Heal Me, Lord

Feb 7, 2017

My parents taught me love for the poor when they passed on the faith to me, and when they welcomed a 2&1/2 year old little “homeless” fellow into our family of many children when I was 12 years old. This video of my song, “Heal Me, Lord” produced by Shalom World TV captures something of […]

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